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Affinity-  a natural liking, an easy relationship.  Here at Affinity, we know that healing begins as we find someone able to hear our story without judgment.  We all deserve to find that special person who likes us even when our journey has left us unable to like ourselves.  Affinity was established with the principle of compassion, quality, and a commitment to hope and healing.  

We are proudly commited to affirming all who may enter our doors.

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We Speak Your Language

Literally!   Counseling is great, but not everyone has the words to express themselves.  At Affinity Counseling, we have tools to help bridge that language gap.  Play Therapy is a wonderful tool to help kids express themselves in their natural language.  We also have a Spanish speaking counselor.  We understand that counseling should not be intimidating or stuffy.  We speak courage.  We speak hope.  We speak your language.  

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Our Promise

Affinity Counseling Center was created with an understanding that you deserve the best.  It is the desire to establish an agency based on uncompromisingly good therapy delivered in a comfortable and relaxing setting.  

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Yes- We accept Blue Cross Blue Shiels

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There are those moments of tragedy that get stuck in our brains.  The pain weaves its way into our lives, creating cycles of self-destruction, isolation, and despair.  The pain not only hurts us, it hurts the ones who love us.  Therapy does help.  Through counseling,  individuals have the opportunity to recognize and change hurtful patterns of coping, allowing them to see the world again with fresh eyes.  


Play Therapy

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Play therapy provides a wonderful opportunity to create great change by allowing children to express themselves in a way they naturally relate to their world.  Through symbolic play and a caring therapist, children are allowed the opportunity to express their anxieties and worries in a way that is safe and healing.



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Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) therapy has been shown to be a highly effective tool for addressing experienced trauma.  

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