When Will I Meet My Spouse

Venus and Jupiter Transits: When Venus, the planet of love and relationships, transits through your 5th house (romance) or 7th house (partnerships and marriage), it can be a favorable time for meeting someone special.

Saturn Return: The Saturn return, which happens approximately every 29.5 years, is a significant astrological event that often brings about major life changes and milestones.

Progressed Chart: Significant progressions involving the Sun, Moon, Venus, or the Ascendant can indicate periods where relationships come to the forefront.

Eclipses:  Eclipses can trigger significant changes and events in our lives. If an eclipse occurs in your 5th or 7th house, it might herald the beginning of a new romantic chapter.

Personal Readings: For a more personalized prediction, consulting a professional astrologer who can analyze your birth chart in detail, including the specific timing and aspects, can provide deeper insights into when you might meet your spouse.

While these astrological factors can give hints about favorable times for love and relationships, it's important to remember that free will and personal circumstances also play a significant role in when and how you meet your future spouse.

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