Amazing Facts About Apple Pie

Ancient Origins: Apple pie dates back to medieval times. The earliest recorded apple pie recipe is from England in 1381, and it included ingredients like figs, raisins, and pears, in addition to apples.

Dutch Influence:  The lattice crust commonly seen on apple pies today originates from Dutch baking traditions.

Colonial America:  In early America, apple pies were a staple because apples were easy to grow and store.

 Prohibition Era: During Prohibition in the 1920s, apple pie was sometimes made with fermented apple cider to sneak a bit of alcohol into the dessert.

National Apple Pie Day: In the United States, National Apple Pie Day is celebrated on May 13th each year, highlighting the pie's status as a beloved national dish.

Military Morale:  During World War II, American soldiers often said they were fighting for "Mom and apple pie," symbolizing the comforts of home and the American way of life.

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