Helping YOur child adjust to daycare

Observation & Intervention


Finding great daycare in Midland is TOUGH!   So many families struggle to find the just right place for their little one.  Wait lists for daycares can be months if not years long.  Schools in this current environment have the luxury of being quite selective.  In addition, parents need their child to be successful in daycare for their child's wellbeing and the family’s financial security.  So, you have found the just right daycare for your child, were patient through the wait list, and now your child is struggling with the change or things aren't going quite as well as you had planned. While it may be very troubling for parents, there is hope!


Affinity Counseling Center wants to be there for you.  Literally, Affinity Counseling Center has trained staff to observe your child in their daycare.  By seeing your child in the classroom, the therapist is able to identify trouble spots or area of concern and explore options to help your child best transition to their new setting.  Once Affinity Counseling has observed your child and pinpointed areas in need of improvement, the trained therapy staff will incorporate tools of play therapy for your child, as well as parent and teacher consultations, to help your child build success.  The therapy staff will be available throughout the process to return to the school to reassess as needed, as well as provide ongoing counseling to meet your little one's needs.  By forging a team of caring parents, dedicated teachers and child-centered therapeutic intervention, your child will have a chance to thrive in the classroom.  Moreover, parents will have the opportunity to rest asured that their little one is calm and comfortable allowing them peace during their already hectic work day.  

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Suzanne Stewart, MS, LPC-Intern, NCC, has over a decade of experience working with preschool age children as a daycare teacher and administrator, and now as a play therapist.  Her experience allows her unique insight into adjustment issues children may have in the daycare environment, as well as triggers for emotional acting out behavior in this setting.  

Your Daycare Assessment will include:

1 hour intake assessment with parents (in office)

2 hours of on site observation

1 hour of child/therapist play assessment (in office)

1 hour consult with teachers/daycare admin

1 hour consult with parents

Written assessment of findings and recommended interventions optional.  

Please contact our office for information and to schedule your parent consult today.  

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Service Provided

Additional services including continued counseling, parenting consultation, and coordination with schools to be charged per Affinity Counseling Center's standard fees. Insurance will not cover fees associated with day care related services. Please Speak to Affinity Counseling Center to address use of insurance related to additional therapy provided.