People of Affinity

Cheryl Willoughby, MA, LPCS, RPTS


Compassion should not be small.  Life does not have to be small.  I get it-  this life takes courage and healing takes some guts.  But I also believe in you. And I belive in me. Moreover, I believe in the benifits of counseling.  

Cheryl's Story

Cara Leyva, MA, LPC


My personal philosophy of counseling encompasses genuine grace and hope for each client's healing;  offering the client empathy, attentiveness, and guidance with my clinical skills using various therapeutic methods tailored to the client's needs.  

Cara's Story

Laura Hansen, MA, LPC


Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations.   There are tools avalible to ease your path.  I am pleased to be able to guide you on your way.  I am honored to be part of your journey.  

Laura's Story

Cameron Dumas, LCSW


I believe the core element to healing is a trusting bond between client and therapist. This trust, having a sense of emotional and physical safety, paves the journey for healing to take place.

Cameron's Story

Intern therapists under supervision of Cheryl Willoughby

Charlene Baker, MCRC, LPC-Intern


Every person has a story, it's difficult to hold our own story with compassion, care and confidence. However, giving voice to our story empowers us to embrace who we are in our past, present, and future. I'm proud to be given to opportunity  walk  with you as you find the hope in your story.   

Charlie's Story

Jordan Jackson, MA, LPC-Intern


"Treat others how you want to be treated."  I believe this include treating yourself in the way you want to be treated.  Treating yourself with kindness and compassion.  The golden rule only works if it works in reverse.    

Jordan's Story

Suzanne Stewart, MS, LPC-Intern



A little hope can be the start of great change and a happier, healthier tomorrow. Change is not always easy, but I believe in the counseling process and will be there every step of the way! Thank you for placing your trust in me as we take the next step moving forward together!

Suzanne's Story

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