Cheryl Willoughby, MA, LPC-s, RPT-s

Compassion Should Not Be Small

I believe that life is an adventure.  I enjoy finding my path in the wilderness both metaphorically and in real life.  We have mountains to conquer.  Being a counselor does not mean we don't have our own mountains to climb.  It just means we have tools in our toolbox to make the path more bearable.  

I became a counselor because I found a path to peace and happiness and couldn't think of a better way to make a living than sharing that path with others.  It is a joy and an honor to be with others as they find peace.  I love working with trauma, because from my chair, I get to see the best of people rise from the hardest places.  I am always impressed by the strength and tenacity of those that have the courage to heal;  Even those who don't feel like they are very strong in the moment.  

After a decade of working with adult survivors of trauma, I began my journey of helping kiddos with play therapy.  I love sticky fingers and shy smiles. And I love the moment when a little kiddo gets how special they are in this universe and that the bad thing that happened was truly not their fault.  

I love dogs and cats and all things furry.  I love hiking and seeing this world.  I love books by inspirational people.  I'm figuring out this whole meditation and mindfulness thing.  And I cuss a little.  

Thank you for allowing me to guide you on your journey.