Charlie's Story

A Stranger is Just A Friend You Haven't Met Yet

Everyone has a story and their own journey. It is important that our story to be heard and accepted. What I love about counseling is that it gives a person to tell their story in a place that is accepting to who they are. A place that also helps each person explore not only what has happened so far in their story, but where they are now and what direction their life is taking them. To accept their story themselves, and to find joy and peace in it while also giving them a chance to grieve where they need to.

Whether it’s the loss of a loved one, overcoming trauma, adjusting and living with a disability, or simply needing to explore one’s direction in life, my purpose as a counselor is to give each person the space that they need. I try to create an environment that allows children, teens, and adults to laugh, cry, or simply be, in order to find the joy and peace they need to have a happy life and thrive during the struggles that comes their way.

I graduated with a Masters in clinical rehabilitation counseling giving me the knowledge to also effectively work with people with terminal, long-term, or short-term disabilities including physical and cognitive issues. During this time I was also trained in play therapy with Cheryl Willoughby LPC-S, RPT-S as my supervisor. Prior to this I worked in human services first with adults with intellectual disabilities, and then working with families who have a child(ren) with a disability. It has been these experiences that led me to value the therapeutic experience, and see the hope that is in each person’s story. This has in turn help point me in the direction that has landed me where I am today.