Cara Leyva, MA, LPC

Laughter is Contagious


I am independently licensed as a community mental health counselor (LPC). Within the past 2 years, I have been certified in EMDR and CBT therapy. I have working knowledge and experience counseling clients with a background of sexual abuse, domestic violence, and substance addictions. My personal philosophy of counseling encompasses genuine grace and hope for each client’s healing; offering the client empathy, attentiveness, and guidance with my clinical skills using various therapeutic methods tailored to the client’s needs. I am happily open to work with all populations and have counseled mainly adults through government agencies up to present. I can see clients for counseling on an individual level, as well as family and marital/couples.

I come to Affinity with and extensive background employed for over 20 years working with people in the customer service, administrative, and case management fields. What led me to become a community mental health counselor was that I desired a career in the helping field. Through the journey of my own healing, I realized how counselors throughout the years have helped me to where I am presently as an LPC. 

My utmost desire is to have the opportunity to work with those who are on their own journey to heal and to be an integral part of that process. I meet the client where he or she is at the time and build from there, using the skills, understanding, patience, grace, and the genuine empathy I hold in high regard for human beings in general. Confidentiality and grace for the client are of great importance to me as is laughter. I find laughter as a coping skill in which all of us can benefit from. You will see that I am not perfect, and I do not try to be. I am human and will do my very best to help you with your personal journey for healing. I appreciate your being brave and courageous in taking the first step for your recovery. 

Tidbits about me: I am happily married and have several “fur babies”, including dogs, cats, and bunnies. I like spending time with my “babies” and my husband; and enjoy cooking, reading, listening to music, learning the acoustic guitar, and camping (tent style) in Colorado when it turns warmer. My favorite colors are periwinkle, deep blue, and deep purple. My favorite book read this year so far is “The Shack”, by Wm. Paul Young and have an eclectic ear for music.